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Colors of Spring

Exhibit @ The Barn

6980 Cambridge Avenue, Mariemont

 Reception: Sunday, July 8, 1-4 PM

Show Dates: July 3rd Thru 17, 2018

Gallery Hours:

Saturday and Sunday 1-4 pm

Tuesday-Friday 10 am to 2 pm (Call office to verify it is open on weekdays. 273-3700)

Exhibiting Members:

J. Afatato, J. Bloch, J. Bossart,  G. Brennan, D. Burdin,

P. Deis-Gleeson, R. Hadden, S, Hoffheimer, B. Horowitz,

T. King, C, Multer, S. Petersen-Tesch, J. Reed, R. Ross,

S. Sperber, N. Strange, N. Thomson





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