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Officers - Committees

Executive Board


Judith Reed

Dot Burdin

Vice President

Roger Ross

Recording Secretary

Susan Hoffheimer


Charles Multer



Historian - Judy Reed

Cultural Enrichment

Jeanne Bossart, Judy Reed, Dot Burdin. Nancy Thomson

Exhibiting/Hanging - Dot Burdin & Judy Reed Co-Chairpersons

    Hannah Beck            Chuck Multer
    Bea Horowitz           Roger Ross
    Jeanne Bossart         Judy Bloch
   Nancy Thomson          Tina King
Exhibit Catalog, Gallery Cards - Pat Gleeson

Greeters - Hospitality
Bea Horowitz, Dot Burdin

Membership -

Member at Large - Susan Grogran

Newsletter Editor and Yearbook

Phone Tree - Roger Ross, Clara Szucs

Postcards and email - Sandra Sperber

Programs - Bea Horowitz, Dot Burtin, Judy Reed

Publicity - Robert Hadden

Web Site - Charles Multer


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